A real Adventure

Many of you have asked why I don't provide detailed information about The Matriarch Adventure from the outset, why the itinerary is kept deliberately vague, why you have to speak to me in person, and I explain that it is because I want you to have a REAL adventure.


My wish is for you to open yourself up to the possibility that anything can happen and probably will! 


From my experience, much of our lives are planned, so much is predictable and routine, we live in isolation, separated from each other, our connection with each other and with the wonders of the world are fractured.  For these reasons, I encourage you to pick up the phone, talk to me, tell me what you want from this adventure, and in return, I can give you a flavour of what it will be like but not give too much away.  

I strive to design an experience of full immersion into the beauty of the Namibian wilderness, not an itinerary of a well trodden path.  I hope this will be a refreshing experience for you - one that will fill you, challenge you, stretch you.  I want this to be an amazing once in a lifetime event, not something that you can buy off the peg.

I offer mystery rather than predictability, I'd love you to be able to switch off that part of your brain that always needs to know what is happening next and replace it with the simplicity of being exactly where you are.

If this is for you contact me here!

If you haven't watched my TEDxLondon talk, (it explains my motivations behind The Matriarch Adventure), please listen here.