Testimonials for

The Matriarch Adventure

" A huge success! Well done for recognising the need and thank you. It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life!"    Carolyn Fenn

"Absolutely 100% the best thing I have ever done for myself!  An adventure incorporating all the best that the Namibian desert can offer!"  Lynne Broadbent 

"A truly special, memorable and privileged experience.  The team made it what it was in every way.  Being part of someone's vision becoming reality was fantastic.  A must do journey for any woman!     I was really impressed by the way in which Catherine so tactfully and adeptly managed such a strong group of women; calm, focussed, compassionate and passionate as well as someone you can trust entirely."     Elisabeth Roberts

"Hopefully not 'once in a lifetime', but definitely a FIRST of a lifetime.  Seeing nature up close and personal as we did was something I will never take for granted and really really special to me."  Sal Thornton

"An absolute joy!  I was not sure what to expect, but it was so much more than I could ever have anticipated."   Sharon Mulley

"Just absolutely amazing!  From meeting all the beautiful elephants to loving being dirty, this adventure pushed so many boundaries and allowed me to explore going back to basics.  This adventure was something for me, a chance to explore, feel, free myself, accept things, try things and just be.  It exceeded all my expectations" 

Amy Power

"A journey of self-discovery and sisterhood in the wildest and most beautiful of nature's environments."    Sam Waite

"So great! I came with no expectations because I had never done anything like this before, but I loved being in the space, being outside every day.  Laughing so much and really being able to be myself with this group of women."     Cass Gibbs

"An amazing experience!"  Denise Kaplan

" Catherine was fantastic in every respect - totally calm, relaxed and obviously in her element, she made us feel completely safe. She read the group extremely well and always seemed to know exactly what we needed, including some fab luxuries.  Thank you SO much for a truly amazing experience!"  Laura Farnsworth

" Magical!  I never thought I would get so close to wild elephants in their natural habitat.  The whole trip has been so well thought out giving space, adventure, nourishment for body and soul.  I think it is necessary for everyone!"  Susy Girdler

" The animal encounters were amazing - so spontaneous. It was all incredible. I'd go back again in a heartbeat!"  Pamela Keenan

" All the EHRA team members were fantastic and the connection with this partner brought a deeper level to the experience - having the elephants as a focus helped provide a goal and a bond with the animals in the desert.  It also felt good to be working with an organisation so focused on improving the elephant/people co-existence in Namibia."  Sarah Husband

"Superb organisation!  Never felt we were in any danger or likely to come to harm, even in such an extreme environment."   Anne Panella

"A truly magical adventure of the mind, body and spirit.  Catherine was an excellent leader in all senses of the word.  Clear, approachable, thoughtful, and her experience really shone through in all the situations we encountered."    Polly Small

"This experience has allowed me to reconnect with my passions and given me the inspiration to explore opportunities going forward."    Rhian Westcott

"Sleeping under the stars was so special - feeling part of this wonderful landscape, part of a greater whole.  Experiencing Africa in such an uncommercial way free from the distractions of modern life was truly exceptional. "   Elsie Lyons

" Incredible, amazing, challenging, re-affirming and damn good FUN!" 

Amy Patent

"A group of women coming together for different reasons and embracing the challenge and experience in front of them - fun, challenging, interesting, insightful, unknown, inspiring, passionate, awesome!"   Vicki Corenbloom

"AMAZING!  I need to find a way to do this type of thing more often!" 

Melissa Carnathan

"Liberating!  Personally it's given me so much more confidence.  I've loved all of it, but being pushed outside of my comfort zone has made me realise I can do it!" 

Sam Syed

"Spending time watching the elephants and travelling through the landscapes of Namibia was amazing. It was so well organised, and the food was incredible!" 

Jenny Hitchcock

"Yoga every morning was really great, especially in so many different places. Everything was super super organised - thank you for the delicious meals! " 

Marion Strauch

" The project partners were fantastic!  Brilliant team - passionate, knowledgeable, could not have been better!  Very professional"    Mei-Kuen Tsui

"Catherine was fabulous, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  She took great care to ensure all 'Matriarchs' were happy and comfortable.  I feel so privileged to have been part of such a trip."  Sarah Hanna