I am the elder sister to four younger brothers, so as you can imagine, whilst growing up  I wished I was somewhere else a lot of the time.


The words, "ought" and "should", didn't feature heavily in our family, so having the freedom to experiment with what I wanted to do was never frowned upon.

My cousin used to send me postcards from wherever she was, and recount her adventures as a geologist and skydiver.  She didn't realise, but those postcards ignited a desire in me to explore the world .  Send more postcards!

I can't bear being cold!  So one day, hacked off with British weather, and with a few skills under my belt, I went to the library, and applied for any volunteer job that would take me somewhere tropical -  Costa Rica here I come!  (this was an era before the internet, and the when term 'volunteering' meant you got all your food and accommodation for free!)

My Uncle was a world-class mountaineer and wrote the 'bible' for all would-be expedition leaders. He often took us hiking up the Scottish hills, however, he was so unassuming, such the opposite of egotistical, that I didn't learn of  his achievements until I was 29, and even then by accident!!!

Sunsets - nothing like a good sunset, or sunrise for that matter... I could quite happily be paid in sunsets, (in fact I have been, on a number of occasions!)

I have this motto... 'Life will provide.' It always does.