Viva Aikins explains ....


What I have come to understand is we are are all striving for peace and a sense of joy in our lives.

We all come up against challenges, so to live from an 'inside-out' understanding can reduce the constant battle from the outside world.

As a qualified Clarity Coach, it brings me great joy to be able to facilitate a space where a clear mind can be achieved.


We all have the capacity to tap into the reservoir of knowledge we all hold within us.

Think of a little girl who needs her teddy to get to sleep - there is nothing special (in reality) about that particular teddy, she has bestowed it with special qualities in her mind.  We do that with most aspects of our life, with objects, events, situations, and in doing so, we give all our power away to something that is outside ourselves, when really we have all the clarity within, we just have to strip away.

Clarity coaching is different to traditional methods of coaching in the sense that it doesn't add strategies and skills that you have to practice and implement, it works in a much more subtractive way, a but like peeling back the skin of an onion.  Once you realise that you have the capability to have insights, to receive the answers to the questions asked, it is much easier to break unwanted patterns.


There is nothing you have to do, except realise that you have everything you need. I will help you identify that process.

what is clarity coaching?